Application for Consideration

Wrongful Convictions News, a Christian-based initiative, is an online news source created to keep you up-to-date on the latest news of the wrongfully convicted; from those fighting their wrongful conviction to the newly exonerated and everything in between. Wrongful Convictions News is an online news source and as such, our purpose is to spread awareness about the wrongfully convicted. While we consider all cases and stories pertaining to the wrongly convicted as news and/or newsworthy, we do not know, nor can we know, whose claims of innocence are valid. Additionally, we are news reporters and any information gleaned from WCN should not be construed as legal advice but merely a presentation of facts as the author understands them. If you are interested in a particular content, you should continue to research the subject and seek counsel because different jurisdictions can have different laws. It's up to you to know the laws where you live.


As a news source, it was never our intention to approve posts on specific cases for the purposes of mere exposure without current news value. That being said, we have found it difficult, if not impossible, to say no. Therefore, we have decided to dedicate a file page for anyone wishing to spread awareness about a particular case.

If you would like to start a dedicated page, please forward the following- Subject line: Dedicated File, the Cover photo you wish to use, Your Name (or name of advocate responsible for this file), the Name and address of the person wrongfully convicted, a brief case summary (500 words or less), and any links you'd like to include, to: The dedicated files will be located under the "Files" in the left-hand column or the bubble tags under the group photo. Keep in mind, once your file is created and published, you can use the URL address outside of WCN and Facebook. This is a great source for anyone wishing more exposure for a case.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation-The Wrongful Convictions News ™ Staff