Case Analyst

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Title: Case Analyst

Department: Research and Representation

Job Description:

  • Invite the WC or advocate to fill out an Application for Consideration
  • Vet all incoming cases by performing your own research and then comparing the outside influencers you ascertained against the information submitted on the Application for Consideration.
  • Turn the case file over to the assigned Case Rep with a pro/con list of the case and your opinion on whether to move forward and why.

A Case Analyst (CA), will review and evaluate all of the pertinent evidence in the case so that a cursory determination can be made as to whether or not to move forward with the case. The CA is the first to review the case so your ability to do so in an objective manner is crucial. The CA will work closely with the assigned Case Representative (the person who will represent the case; should we ultimately choose to endorse them).

This position can be done remotely and will require approximately 10-15 hours per week, depending on your proficiency.

To apply, send your resume and credentials to

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