Crossword Puzzles

January 2024 

Crossword #2

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1.  Plea or discounted deal

5.  Detain

10.  Guidelines given to a jury 

11.  Conditional freedom

12.  Conviction _______ units

14.  Describes an exoneration of a person after that person has died

17.  Lethal punishment

19.  Prison officer

20.  Confinement that most think is cruel and unusual punishment

23.  Newest category in the causes of wrongful convictions; Incentivized/threatened witnesses (2 words)

29.  Defendant's answer to charges

30.  Accuser

31.  NYTimes bestseller "________ Cotton"

32.  John Grisham's only non-fiction book, "The Innocent _____"

34.  Confess

35.  Type of murder that does not appear on the UCR

36.  Initials for grossly inadequate representation

39.  Bad cops do this with evidence or a Dieffenbachia

40.  Hint or Blues

42.  Not at liberty to leave

44.  Host of annual wrongful conviction conference, The Innocence ______

46.  Found not guilty

47.  Unsolved

48.  Too much or unnecessary

49.  Lawyer

50.  Heart or violent

51.  Severe abuse; attack

53.  Examine


2.  Facility

3.  Your home if sentenced to more than a year

4.  Foremost DNA expert who coined the phrase "the guilty project" when referring to DNA exposing the real perpetrator

6.  Found on sleeves

7.  Word that appears three times in sworn oath

8.  ______ v. Maryland

9.  Overturned conviction

13.  Best-selling author who sits on The Innocence Project's Board of Directors

15.  Lack of justice

16.  Court proceeding

18.  How many states have the death penalty (2 words)

21.  Has a history of breaking the law

22.  Magazine that featured wrongful convictions on the cover in February 2017

24.  Inmate home

25.  wrong-doing

26.  Modify

27.  Warning to keep your mouth shut

28.  An amendment that requires due process

29.  Prison

31.  _____-conviction or _____mark

33.  Reveal

35.  Common no-crime offense

37.  State that has the most death row exonerations

38.  Conviction

41.  Document that determines if laws are legal

43.  Crime or opposite of defense

45.  Gene used to predict behavior

49.  "Be the ______ you wish to see..."

52. Lowest form of knowledge

December 2023 

Crossword #1

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5. Convicted in 1974, he is the longest-serving innocent inmate

7. Persuade by threat

9. Document filed to release info

11. Legal doctrine that protects government officials

12. Chicago Police Det. connected to 25 murder exonerations in 2022

13. Take back

14. 42% of wrongful convictions are convicted of _______

16. Evidence that is acceptable

17. Type of punishment that cannot be rectified

19. Facts on proof

21. Before trial examination of evidence

27. Chicago Police Sgt. who caused numerous wrongful convictions

29. Overrated commodity in our legal system

31. Funds paid by taxpayers for police/prosecutors misconduct

32. Analysis

34. Bail

37. Exists in fact but not as a matter of law

39. Informing proceedings

41. Eliminate criminal record

42. Mens rea

43. Law-making branch

44. Jury of one

45. Police misconduct

46. Request to change legal ruling

51. Source

52. Prior model

54. "To speak the truth"

55. Twelve members

57. An order for inquiring into the lawfulness of the restraint of a person who is imprisoned

58. Prosecute

59. File charges

60. They mend the grief and trauma caused by injustice: _______ Justice


1. Truth of a statement

2. Common cause of wrongful convictions

3. Rule broken by prosecutors

4. Party that has the burden of proof in a criminal case

6. State with the most exonerations

8. Indirect evidence

10. Provide rewards to encourage certain behaviors or outcomes

11. True Bill

15. Type of witness

18. In exonerated cases, DNA can reveal the ____________.

20. Verbal probe

22. Au pair Louise Woodward attorney associated to the Innocence Project

23. Government Dominion

24. Court ordered written command made by the court

25. Plea that admits the evidence is sufficient to show guilt but maintains innocence

26. Tool to free the innocent

28. Law

30. For every 8.3 people executed in the US, ______ have been exonerated.

33. How you ____ can have a direct effect on our legal system

35. Willfully telling an untruth under oath

36. Judge trial

38. Evidence pointing towards innocence

40. To champion

47. State with 11 wrongful murder convictions in 2022

48. ________ murder is a type of wrongful execution.

49. "...guilt and crimes are so frequent in this world that they cannot all be________"

50. Last words

53. County whose CIU was involved in three exonerations in Tennessee

56. Country with the highest execution rate.

(Answers to puzzle #1.)