The Darlie Routier Case

Types of wrongful conviction: Rush to judgment/tunnel vision; prosecutorial misconduct; flawed jury instructions; and a media massacre

"...Over the years, numerous news stories and an ongoing investigation by Darlie's appellate attorneys have raised questions about what really happened that night: Could it be that the police and the prosecutors manipulated the evidence to implicate someone they decided must have done it? A growing chorus of observers of the case believes so. At least half a dozen Web sites have been set up to proclaim Darlie's innocence (one of them,, has received more than seven and a half million hits since January 2000). A juror from her original trial now says that he and his fellow jurors made the wrong decision. The author of one of the true-crime books has also changed her mind, claiming the jury heard perjured testimony and was never shown photos that would have proved Darlie was a victim of a savage attack."

Photo Exhibits

The only photos reportedly seen by the jury, according to one of the jurors.

State's Exhibits not seen by the jury

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State's Exhibits from the trial

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Photos of Darlie and her injuries

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*Please note: Out of respect to Devon, Damon, and the Routier family, no crime scene or autopsy photos of the boys will be posted to this site.