Did you know?


Where there is police or prosecutorial misconduct, a wrongful conviction is never far behind. 

Police and prosecutorial misconduct contributed to more than 1800 wrongful convictions of innocent people who were later exonerated.

This means fifty-four percent of our Innocents in prison were put there on purpose knowing they were innocent, according to Jerry Senear, wrongful convictions advocate.

Prosecutorial misconduct is present in 121 death-row exonerations, according to the Death Penalty Information Center.

They also state that withholding favorable evidence, known as a "Brady" violation, is the most common type of prosecutorial misconduct.

This type of prosecutorial misconduct is implicated in thirty-five percent of reversed convictions or sentences.

Most importantly, when prosecutors violate the 'Brady Rule' to secure a conviction, they send a message that they believe that they couldn't have won the case without subterfuge and deceit.