You're Not Welcome, Nancy Grace


by Liz Franklin

I just watched the 20/20 program that aired November 1, 2019, Texas Love Triangle, featuring the tragic case of David Temple's wrongful conviction, in which Nancy Grace was apparently invited to pipe in with her ever-offending opinions, (shame on you 20/20). I haven't kept it a secret that I am not a fan of Nancy Grace, but that was when she kept her quasi-reporting to crimes--personally, when I hear her voice it's like hearing the battle cry of irresponsible journalism. However, rumor has it that in her new show, (I will not mention the name because I refuse to promote it), she plans to speak out for the wrongfully convicted. 

I could not agree more with exoneree and fellow wrongfully convicted advocate, Ryan Ferguson, when he tweeted, "Lol @oxygen, literally could not have chosen a worse person to discuss wrongful convictions. She, prosecutors like her, & that incompetent garbage she spews from her lips are the reason wrongful convictions happen. Akin to having child molester[s] talk about why molestation is bad." With all of this in mind, I'd like to take this opportunity to speak out on behalf of WCN and state that we do not want your help and you, Nancy Grace, are not welcome in our community. We are already fighting satan on his turf (our broken criminal justice system) and we do not need your reckless reporting lending him a hand on our behave. You have chosen to make your celebrity status at the cost of so many innocent people, it is too late to jump on the bandwagon now--and don't think for one minute that we don't see through your thinly veiled attempt to further your career by trying to join our cause, now that the wrongfully convicted movement finally has legs. Your attempt to invade our cause is problematic for many reasons but mostly because we have become so immune to your bombastic rhetoric that we no longer value anything you say. You've made a living off of ranting nonsense with no substance for so long, it is way too late to flip sides now. Do us all a favor and don't do us any favors.

© 2019 Liz Franklin