The Scott Peterson Case

I have recently been inundated with comments by people who are in disbelief that the newly founded LA Innocence Project has taken on the Scott Peterson case. They are so convinced that he is guilty, their minds cannot allow the possibility that he might actually be innocent. In February 2021, our Case Review Manager, Debra Fulton, took on Peterson's case; that's right—one of America's most hated men. In a three-part series for the Wrongful Convictions News™ podcast, "We the Jury," she lays out the evidence and ideas that support his innocence. Tune in and listen as she dives into the Scott Peterson case. If you believe what the media dished out, listen closely; you may not believe your ears. The Murder Express has left the terminal with false evidence and tunnel vision riding in first-class, while due process and a fair trial have missed the locomotive altogether. It's a runaway train, folks, and it's quite possible that Scott could have been railroaded. Listen with an open mind and you just might learn something new about this case! Who knows, perhaps you will change your mind altogether. —Liz Franklin, Founding Director Wrongful Convictions News™