The Causes of Wrongful Convictions

Wrongful Convictions: 

A 12-Part Series 

Identifying and Dissecting the Causes and Exploring Viable Solutions

1.   Eyewitness Misidentification

Lyin' Eyes: Can Your Memory be Trusted?

2.   Jailhouse Snitches 

Jailhouse Snitches: Why should they be trusted? 

3.   Invalided Forensics 

Forensics: Does science fail us or do people?

4.   Inept Defense

When Your Life Depends on Grossly Inadequate Representation

5.   Prosecutorial Misconduct

The Prosecution-Truth or No Consequences

6.   False Accusations

When False Accusations are Treated as Gospel

7.   Coerced Confessions

Your Truth or Mine?

8.   Crimes that Never Occurred

Crime, what crime?

9.   Coerced Corroboration

The most obscene form of quid pro quo

10.   Jury Misconduct

Putting Your Life in the Hands of Twelve Strangers

11.   Bail Reform

Can You Afford the Cost of Due Process?

          The Kalief Brower Case

12.   Plea Bargains

The grossest perversion of our legal system